Become educated today on the signs of human trafficking and what you should do if you suspect it. You will be directed to the official certificate program on our learning portal, where anyone desiring to become certified may do so by watching our training video and passing a short quiz. It is important to note that there is NO COST for this official certificate program. Options exist for both truck drivers and bus drivers, so please choose the appropriate course.


Help us understand our impact and reach across the nation by registering your organization as TAT-Trained. If you have incorporated our training video and have made the national hotline available to your drivers (i.e. equipped them with a TAT or BOTL wallet card), please let us know by reporting the number of people you have trained. Options exist for multiple segments of the industry, so please choose the appropriate registration type.

Truckers Against Trafficking & Busing On The Lookout

Thank you for joining us in this important work. Together, we are disrupting trafficking networks and helping to change lives.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline

to report an anonymous/confidential tip